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Dos Americas
February 28, 2009, 12:00 am
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Last Thursday I went to annual USF Human Rights Film Festival and saw the film “Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans.” This film is about the exploitation of Latinos during the post-Katrina reconstruction period. The film captures the accounts of illegal immigrants being cheated out wages and being abused by the INS. What I found interesting was that six months after the hurricane struck New Orleans, restrictions regarding legal status employment were lifted.

The Audience

After the film, there was a very interesting Q&A session that the audience actively participated in. Professors Ronald Sunstrom and Jorge Aquino as well as the director David Zlutnick took turns talking about the film. The speakers agreed that the film had a deadpan tone of low expectations.  The film accurately portrays the workers hopes and frustrations in working illegally in the U.S.

The director of the film David Zlutnick

The director of the film David Zlutnick

The Film Web Site

New Orleans’ Workers Center for Racial Justice


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Both of these films sound interesting.

Comment by Susan Matcham

I felt that the INS, government officials or at least the police department should have allowed the director to interview them, so that they could explain why they were turning a blind eye to the problems and abuses that the migrant workers were facing.

Comment by Elisa Miguelena

Ya I agree. I was going to ask David Zlutnick if he made any efforts to interview the contractors but I forgot. Also, I think it would have been interesting to see their responses to the abuses and to see there responses of the contractors/police officers/INS workers after seeing the film.

Comment by smhernandez

nice post, great pics.

elisa raises an interesting point. it might be interesting, sam, to see if you can email the director and ask the question.

Comment by david silver

Your right there are great opportunities but paying for one isn’t the best

Comment by Simonn

What a great article. I stumbled into your site when I was searching for movies and I must say I really enjoyed your post. Will be back to check more out in the future!

Comment by HotWomen

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